Crowdfunding the New Bookmobile

We need your help if we are going to pay off the new bookmobile. Chris Young’s hike is kicking off a ‘crowdfunding’ campaign that we hope will raise the $100,000 needed to pay off the new bookmobile this summer! We can do it if everyone pitches in and also helps by raising just a little more from family and friends on behalf of the library!

The sooner we do this, the sooner we can get back to doing regular programming and services! Currently, the bookmobile is not on the road because of the pandemic. We want to bring it back as soon as possible, but our bookmobile fund is empty and we’ll need to make our payments first. We need to raise at least the $25,000 needed for this year’s payments before we can begin to restore services.

You might be surprised to learn that the Traveling Library currently has just one full time staff person and three part-timers who are collectively working as one full-time equivalent (FTE). Staff hours are cut and we are without work study students and volunteers, so we are down from 4.75 to 2 FTE staffers until we shore up bookmobile funding. Our Library Board members and Friends of the Library Board members are helping a lot, but we need to turn to YOU to help us pay this bookmobile off.

Paying off the whole $100,000 this summer will save us $8000 in finance charges and allow our librarians to focus on serving the community! We really hope everyone can help us by raising just a little bit — many hands make light work!

Seven Ways You Can Help!


1) Give as much as you can if you haven’t already donated, whether a little or a lot.

We  have 400 generous Friends of the Library who donate $20,000+ yearly to keep us going. More than 125 families have donated $20,000+ already to the new bookmobile – some have given $10 and some have given $1000.

This is an ‘all hands on deck’ moment when we hope everyone will give something, even if you can only afford a small amount right now – $5 or $10 would show your commitment and support. If you can give $100, $250, or more, that would go a long way. (If you have been hit hard by the pandemic, we understand of course.)

You can make your donation now.  OR Get instructions on mailing a check. 

2) Share about our campaign on Facebook or Twitter.

Help us get the word out about Chris Young’s hike and encourage your friends and family on Facebook or Twitter to give to support your local library for this special campaign. Copy and paste this brief personal appeal from you — it would be even better if you personalized it:

The Columbia County Traveling Library is a great service that provides free library services to people in rural communities without a traditional library. They also help preschool kids develop early literacy skills. I love libraries and I know many of you do also — will you help us keep our library on wheels on the road? Please sponsor Commissioner Young on his hike across the county at

Why did the Columbia County Commissioner hike 50 miles? To pay off our county library on wheels! If you love libraries, please sponsor him to help us pay off our bookmobile at

3) Sign up to be an online fundraiser!

Take it to the next level by signing up for your own fundraising page with an online fundraising goal and your personal appeal! These can be very effective, especially if you ask friends and family to sponsor you for reading or walking. We are challenging you to help raise $25,000 toward our $100,000 goal!

a) Go to the “Paying Off Our Community Library on Wheels” page or, if you want people to join you in sponsoring Chris Young’s hike go to that page.  Click “Become a Fundraiser.”

b) Set your goal (we suggest $100 – $500) and take a photo of you reading a book or use one of these photos of life on the bookmobile.

c) Consider whether you want to make it into a read-a-thon or a walk-a-thon and ask people to sponsor you for reading a certain amount of books this summer or walking a certain number of miles over the summer like Chris is doing. People will respond to your commitment!

d) Write a personal appeal. Use the text in #2 above if you want, but if you have a personal story about our library or a great library memory, that would take it to another level.

e) Share your personal fundraising page on social media or by email or text and ask for small donations – can you pitch in $5, $10 or more? It will add up quickly to your goal. You may need to send a private message as well as just posting to encourage people to respond. People love libraries and want to help right now.

4) Be an old-fashioned fundraiser.

Use an envelope to collect donations from family and friends. This is a great thing for kids and teens to do, especially if you decide to do a read-a-thon or a walk-a-thon and ask folks to sponsor you per book read or per mile walked (or run). If you want your donors to receive a thank you letter, please provide their name and address. The library can provide an envelope and fundraising letters upon request. Contact us at to get started.

5) Help kids collect a “Mile of Pennies.”

This is a great way for a church or a summer camp or any children’s group to help. We can provide coin boxes and kids can collect coins (any coins really, not just pennies). When we reach our collective campaign goal of $844.80 in coins, we can imagine laying 84,480 pennies down one after another for a mile! How many miles of pennies can we raise? Feel free to bring in your jars and bags of loose coins – we can get them counted! Contact us at to get started.

6) Ask people to give to the bookmobile campaign as a gift to you.

Some people are choosing to tell friends and family members to consider making a bookmobile donation in lieu of their next birthday or holiday present. Your friends can specify a request for their donation to support a book by a certain author or a certain type of book. Tell them to let us know the gift is in your honor and to provide your address and we’ll make sure to send you a card to let you know! Contact us at with any questions.

7) Donate as a gift to someone else.

Some people are uncomfortable asking others to donate and have already given generously, but maybe have a gift budget for friends and family. A gift to the library might be the perfect gift for a book lover who has everything. We have a nice card with photos of all the bookmobiles and a literary quote that we could provide for you to present to your friends or family. Just make a note when you send your donation that you would like a gift acknowledgement card to be sent to you. We can also send the card for you if you provide the person’s name and address. Contact us at with any questions.


Thanks for Helping to Keep Our Library Rolling!