Library Catalog News

Our catalog is now the “Columbia County Cooperative Catalog” and will include more than 18,000 books, audiobooks, and DVDs available from the Orangeville Public Library! (We are also in the process of adding the books from the Greenwood Friends School Library — more later on that.)

The Columbia County Traveling Library and the Orangeville Public Library are two separate libraries, but now share one catalog and you will have full privileges at both libraries through our partnership.

Here is what you need to know:

All users of both libraries will be able to search and request any book, audiobook, or DVD from either library and have it delivered seamlessly to the pickup location of their choice, including:
  -any Traveling Library bookmobile stop, 
  -the County Library on Sawmill Road,
  -the N4Cs Library in Benton, or
  -the Orangeville Public Library.

If the book you request is checked out, you will be added to the waiting list for when it is returned. If it is on the shelf, staff will pull it and get it to your requested pickup location.

The Columbia County Traveling Library has more than 33,000 books, audiobooks, and DVDs on the shelves and the Orangeville Public Library has more than 18,000 items in total. Now, all of our library patrons will have access to a combined total of more than 51,000 items which they can borrow for free! 

Traveling Library users will be able to visit the Orangeville Public Library and borrow books directly, and vice-versa. 

The two libraries will remain administratively separate and will have slightly different rules and policies for borrowing books.

Thanks in advance for your patience during this exciting transition! It will take a few weeks to work out the new system.

Ammon Young, Columbia County Traveling Library
Pam Simpson, Orangeville Public Library 

More Detailed Practical Information for Columbia County Traveling Library Patrons

-You can choose to select Orangeville Public Library as your preferred pickup location if that works best for you.

-You can visit and borrow books directly from the Orangeville Public Library, which is open 2-7pm Monday-Thursday, and 9am-12pm on Saturday, with more evening hours than the Traveling Library can currently offer.

-Any Orangeville Public Library book in the catalog can be requested for delivery to any Traveling Library pickup location. Books will be delivered between libraries at least once per week.

-Please be mindful that Orangeville Public Library books will have slightly different rules. For example, they circulate for two weeks with one renewal, and they are subject to overdue fines of $.10/day, with a five-day grace period. DVDs have a $1.00/day overdue fine. You can pay any OPL fines on the Bookmobile or at the County Library.

-If you have a separate account with the Orangeville Public Library, it will be merged with your Traveling Library account so you only have to manage one library account. You can decide which library you want to officially belong to, but it will not make any difference to you.

-As before, if our two libraries do not have the book you are looking for, we can get it through interlibrary loan at no charge.

-Orangeville Public Library has a 24/7 book drop in their lobby at 301 Mill St. which you can use to return Traveling Library books (but please do not return audiobooks or DVDs in the book drop). An outdoor book drop has been donated by another library in Middletown for use at the the County Library and will be ready in a month or two after we get a vinyl wrap on it!