Vision, Mission, and Values


A connected community of readers, learners, and volunteers across Columbia County.


The Columbia County Traveling Library provides quality library services in underserved rural areas. Through the bookmobile, branch libraries, and the online library we build strong communities by offering access to books, information, and lifelong learning opportunities for all.


Personalized Service
We take time to get to know community members so we can provide a customized library experience by recommending books, answering questions, anticipating needs, and offering programs that inspire and delight. 


Community Ownership
Our library is a shared community effort by the people for the people, with financial and volunteer support from individuals, organizations, municipalities, and businesses. We share this important resource with each other. 


Literacy & Lifelong Learning
The Traveling Library is a resource that educates, engages, and enlivens people at all stages of life. 


Free Exchange of Ideas
We welcome each person equally and help them find the information they need while honoring their privacy and individuality. As a public library, our mandate and mission is to serve the whole community, with no censorship or barriers related to perspectives or points of view. We encourage community conversations in which differing opinions are aired in an atmosphere of civility and respect. 


Respect for Diversity
The Columbia County Traveling Library is committed to fostering an environment that is safe, positive, and respectful for all library users, employees, and community members. We pledge to serve our community without bias in regard to individual characteristics of any kind, including but not limited to heritage, nationality, race, ethnicity, immigrant status, religion, beliefs, age, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, education, veteran status, income, and physical or mental capabilities. 


Whenever possible, we offer our support and partnership to organizations which serve Columbia County, including service agencies, schools, pre-schools, and other libraries. Our resources and services are available to help community organizations with a shared mission.

Good Stewardship
We use community funds wisely, adhering to high standards and best practices. We take good care of our resources and strive for sustainable funding for our future.

Adopted by the Columbia County Traveling Library Authority Board on May 20, 2019