Borrowing Books

How to Borrow Library Items

Search the library catalog to find books, audiobooks, DVDs, and more in the Bookmobile, County Library, and N4Cs Library collections. (Click ‘Catalog’ link in the menu on this page.)

You can log in with your library account number to see what you have checked out or to renew books. You can also reserve books that are being used by other patrons or which you want us to deliver during our next stop in your area. (Use the last four digits of your library account number in both login boxes.)

If you don’t find what you are looking for, we can either purchase it or get it from another library through interlibrary loan most of the time. 

We order new books regularly. You may request to be put on the waiting list for a forthcoming book.

Email or call 570-387-8782 to request books we do not have in our catalog.

Get a Library Account

Anyone who lives, works, or goes to school in Columbia County can register for a free Traveling Library account. Please visit the Bookmobile, the County Library, or the N4Cs Library to apply for an account — you can also call 570-387-8782. Children of any age may have their own library card with permission from a parent or guardian. 

Anyone else may join the Friends of the Traveling Library for borrowing privileges with the Traveling Library. To join the Friends for one year, make a donation of any amount.

The Columbia County Traveling Library is the primary public library for about half of the residents of Columbia County who do not have a traditional library in their area.

Which library is my primary library?

Bloomsburg Public Library: Bloomsburg, Scott Twp., Hemlock Twp., Montour Twp.*

McBride Memorial Library: Berwick, Briar Creek Borough, Briar Creek Twp., North Centre Twp.*

Orangeville Public Library: Orangeville Borough, Orange Twp.

Columbia County Traveling Library: Benton Borough, Benton Twp, Sugarloaf Twp., Jackson Twp, Pine Twp., Madison Twp. Millville Borough, Greenwood Twp., Mount Pleasant Twp., North Centre Twp.*, South Centre Twp., Mifflinville/Mifflin Twp., Beaver Twp., Main Twp., Roaring Creek Twp. Conyngham Twp., Cleveland Twp., Franklin Twp., Locust Twp., Catawissa Twp., Catawissa Borough, Montour Twp.*

*These townships are served by more than one library.

Bloomsburg Public Library and McBride Memorial Library charge $15 per year for households outside of their funded service areas. The Orangeville Public Library is free for anyone.

Borrowing Policies

Loan Periods

Every item in our collections can be checked out for a period of 28 days, with a few exceptions. Children’s holiday and seasons books and all interlibrary loans are loaned for 14 days.

If a book or audiobook is labeled ‘New,’ please read it and return it as soon as possible for others to enjoy – ideally within 2 weeks.

Borrowing a book or other library items means you accept a responsibility to care for the books and to return it to the library in good condition within a reasonable timeframe so that others may also read the book.


You may renew items one time. You can call or e-mail the library or renew books through your account for the Online Library Catalog.
If you need an extension beyond one renewal, please contact the library. If an item has been requested by another person, we will only renew it for two additional weeks.


You may return any Traveling Library items to the bookmobile, the County Library, or the N4Cs Library no matter where you checked it out. You may also return books to the Orangeville Public Library (which has a 24/7 drop box), Rohrbach’s Farm Market. There is a book drop available inside the lobby entrance at the County Library Mon-Fri 8:30am – 4:30pm.

Please do not place audiobooks or DVDs in book drops.

Request Items for Delivery or Pickup

You can place a reserve request on library items if:

  • You want to request delivery of a book from the County Library or the N4Cs Library to your next Bookmobile stop.
  • You want to request that a book be pulled from the Bookmobile for pickup at the County Library or the N4Cs Library.
  • A book is checked out and you would like to be next in line when it is returned. It will be delivered to your regular pickup location.

You can place reserve requests in the online catalog by clicking the ‘Reserve’ button – make sure you see the note that your reserve was successful. You can also request reserves by phone or email.


We are now a fine-free library and do not charge overdue fines.

If a book or other library items is damaged while in your care, we may charge a replacement fee depending on the severity of the damage.

If a library item is more than one month overdue, we will send three reminder notices over six weeks to return the item. If it is not returned after three months, we will place a replacement fee on your account and send you an invoice.

You will be asked to pay our replacement cost for items which are lost or severely damaged, plus a $3 processing fee. We work to find the cheapest available item in “very good” or better condition.

It is acceptable to bring in a “very good” or  better replacement copy and pay only the $3 processing fee, but we prefer to handle getting the replacement.

If you have more than $10 in fees owed, you may not check out additional books unless you pay at least $3 toward the amount owed.

Parents and guardians are responsible for books checked out by children or other dependents.

If you let someone else use your account, you are responsible for any replacement fees.

We will do everything possible to avoid dealing with collection agencies or courts, but after six months,  unreturned library materials become stolen property. The library belongs to everyone — please respect your neighbors by returning the items you borrowed.